Every year, more than 175,000 students and 50,000 educators receive services from one of Pennsylvania’s 29 Intermediate Units (IUs). As public, regional educational service agencies, Intermediate Units provide educational, administrative and technology services to the Commonwealth’s 500 school districts, 170 charter schools and 3,000 nonpublic schools.   Founded in 1971 by the Pennsylvania General Assembly, IUs were created to serve as a liaison between local schools and the Pennsylvania Department of Education. Intermediate Units leverage educational and business partnerships to expand high quality services to Pennsylvania’s students, schools, and communities. Pennsylvania’s IUs work collaboratively to meet the needs of all the students in the Commonwealth and to ensure that schools everywhere in Pennsylvania have the tools and the resources needed to help students reach their fullest potential and become contributors to our economy. 


Intermediate Unit 1 (IU1) is one of 29 intermediate units in Pennsylvania. It serves 25 school districts in Fayette, Greene and Washington Counties, and four Career and Technology Centers that collectively employ more than 260 administrators and 3,200 teachers serving more than 51,000 students

(ages 3-21) across 325+ school buildings. In addition, Intermediate Unit One also operates 4 Educational Campus schools which house special education and alternative education students.  Today, Intermediate Unit 1 employs over 600 people and offers 143 services and innovative programs across IU1 departments including special education, curriculum, human resources, technology, business, federal programs and non-public, transportation, and more. 

For the first time in the history of our organization, E-Colors in Education has partnered with an educational entity by developing key individuals to deliver our modules. For the last two years,

E-Colors in Education and Intermediate Unit 1 have been working closely together to develop a strategic plan to expand our efforts in developing students, staff and communities across Pennsylvania. The goal is to have our team at E-Colors in Education deliver our 8 Essentials   Leadership Cycle to every school across the nation.

For more information on Intermediate Unit 1, please visit www.iu1.org.



Objective – to be at every school across the nation


Achieve – To have individuals reflect on themselves with a willingness to see others while promoting an inclusive environment free of biases.


E-Colors in Education is a collection of passionate Personality Diversity Experts who teach Emotional Intelligence and essential skills necessary for others to work to their fullest potential and to be impactful in their respective careers and organizations.


• Mission vision and values are shared on websites

• Mission vision and values on slides for trainings

• Built in coaching support with Master Trainers

• Shared at beginning of each presentations-

• Incorporating into our every day – presentations, meetings,

• Part of quarterly meetings

• Working together to do decision making

• Evaluation or check ins on mission, vision, values, AND

   MUTUAL EXPECTATIONS that are going to lead us to uphold us

   in mission vision and values

• Annual review of mission, vision, values,

• Future strategies for expanding audience

• Pocket card


Value human potential and the belief that all people can experience personal growth and achievement in their personal and professional lives