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How We Can Help You

We provide customized coaching and consulting solutions to help individuals and teams realize their potential in the following areas::.

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Coaching Sessions
On-Site Workshops
Leadership Retreats

Our Service Offerings 

To help leaders unlock the full potential of their teams. We’ve studied humans – how they think, interact, perform. Through this work, we have pinpointed eight characteristics of high performing teams. We call them the 8 Essentials. Equilibria in Education facilitates onsite professional development on each of the 8 Essentials:

(1) Self & Team Awareness, (2) Shared Vision & Values, (3) Clarity of Roles & Processes, (4) Trust, (5) Diversity & Inclusion, (6) Commitment, (7) Accountability & (8) Learning & Continuous Improvement.

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Customized Solutions

Can’t find a solution to suit your need? Let us tailor one for you.
At E-Colors in Education, we are personality diversity 
experts. Applying our proprietary tools, we provide customized consulting and coaching services to address specific challenges and drive real results.

 We help organizations in areas such as:
  • Developing staff & students into leaders who are intentional with communication

  • Developing internal facilitators through our Train-the-Trainer Workshops

  • Building a strong team compass guided by the organization's mission, vision, values and strategies

  • Enhancing team cohesion and discipline in the areas of safety, reliability, efficiency and productivity

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Adapting a new way to unlock emotional intelligence at Schools



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Patricia Bernal
Ted Pendergrass
Gracie Cabuto
Claire Benavides
Erika Galvan
Michelle Ayala
Nelda Ortiz
Vanessa Alcantar
Jennifer Stumbaugh

We are Personality Diversity Experts

We help individuals, teams and organizations elevate their performance and realize
their potential. We put people first.

From Little League to the Big Leagues, Pop Warner to the Pro Bowl, Equilibria in Sports works with sports teams, athletes, coaches, referees, and sports organizations worldwide to enhance team culture and performance as well as strengthen team dynamics. Other areas impacted are communication and undiscovered leadership potential. We guide individuals and teams to understand, embrace and leverage their unique personal strengths and potential limiters to improve individual and collective performance and effectiveness.

With knowledge of what triggers actions and reactions in ourselves and others, it is possible to make conscious choices, choosing to succeed and perform to our highest potential. At Equilibria we call this Living with Intention.

Equilibria in Sports coaches teams and individual athletes to understand and apply our simple tools. Our proprietary personality diversity system - 8 Essentials of High Performance, Personality Diversity Indicator (PDI) and Personal Intervention (PI) – combine to heighten self-awareness, promote self-management and elevate communication, leadership, and teamwork skills and can be used with any sport, at any level.

Our core value is PEOPLE FIRST and we act out of a genuine desire to help athletes, coaches, teams, and sports organizations realize their full potential.

We offer a measurable diagnostic and a series of Intentional Engagement Workshops that introduce teams to our core coaching tools and then work with them to develop a practical application and sustainable performance enhancement process to achieve their specific goals and objectives.


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PDIs completed monthly


coaches worldwide

Our Team

Lynn Kachmarik

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Ben McMahon

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Rita Mort

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We are Personality Diversity Experts

We help individuals, teams and organizations elevate their

performance and realizetheir potential.

We put people first.



Equilibria in Education is an organization that is dedicated to delivering valuable, authentic and mindful coaching, as well as personal and professional development to every school in every nation.




We are positively influencing every student, parent, educator and collaborator to become effective communicators, intentional leaders and caring citizens.




Clarity: Clarity is brought to generate an awareness, and create an environment, where diversity of perspectives is appreciated and celebrated.


Communication: Communication skills are essential to prepare oneself to be college and workforce ready. Our sessions are designed to incorporate processes, tools and exercises that enhance an individual or team’s ability to communicate more effectively.


Influencing: Our community, stakeholders and educators influence our network and/or partnerships. It is our goal to positively impact communities in ways that yield improved outcomes and add value.


Fiscal Stewardship: When delivering services and materials, we will manage, allocate and monitor resources, keeping fiscal stewardship at the forefront.


Sound Business Practices: Sound business practices will be upheld. We will be ethical, accountable, and transparent with our practices.


Sustainability: Our efforts at every campus are to cultivate an environment where individuals embrace the mission, vision and values of the organization. The endurance of systems and processes are key to sustainability.





People: People matter and contributions from every individual are valued.



Purpose: The purpose of our organization is to develop champions. Our champions bring change, new ideas, strategies and action. Thus, we establish high performing teams through the 8 Essentials of Intentional Leadership.



Process: The training and coaching plan we offer require an investment in process. Our training strategy is critical to building capacity within your organization.



Products: Our products are designed to embrace the diversity of all personalities and each individual’s character.


The E-Colors and Personal Intervention tools are proprietary to Equilibria Services Limited, an international coaching organization that specializes in providing culture development services to the Oil and Gas industry. For more information about Equilibria, please visit www.equilibria.com


know their E-Colors


PDIs completed monthly


coaches worldwide

Our Team


Lynn Kachmarik


Equilibria in Sports & Education

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Mike Avery

Vice President

Equilibria in Sports & Education

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